Total Drive
The Student App

I use an online diary and record system called Total Drive.

This system gives you access to a free app for Android and iOS.

Utilising this app will allow you to monitor your booked and past lessons, payments, reflective logs and progress records.

App A Snapshot

The home screen provides a summary, or home, screen when you log in.

You can easily see your next lesson, driving summary, syllabus progress as well as details of your theory and practical test dates.

The student app enables full digital records!

All information is accessible to you, including booked and past lessons with pick-up and drop-off points, payments (total hours delivered and prepaid credit), messages, lesson notes and reflective logs that you fill out via the app.

Track Your Progress

You can stay up-to-date with your progress by seeing a full breakdown of the required driving syllabus for each individual skill.

You also receive an automatic message when I've updated your progress.

The lesson summary zone provides a percentage bar overview of each ability category. You will also receive notes for each lesson that you can refer back to.

Security & GDPR

When accessing any online account, you use a password and username. The Total Drive student app is no different requiring a secure encrypted login, unlike other student apps.

This level of security is also vital for GDPR. The profile section enables you to view and change your own personal data.

Logging in to the app has never been easier. A text message is sent including the username, password and links to download the free Total Drive app.

Instructor Resources

The app allows me to include website links and resources such as lesson guides, theory test website, YouTube videos, DVSA links etc. My terms and conditions are also available on the app, which you will be required to accept prior to logging into the app.

Unique feature Lesson Gaps

Often a student may want an extra lesson and, if there is a gap in the diary, I can add the date, time and duration of the gap which notifies you of the gap and you can book on a first come, first served basis.