Mick Carty Driving Instruction
Terms & Conditions

Updated 2nd November 2020

Terms & Conditions Introduction

You are entering into a contract with Mick Carty Driving Instruction for the provision of practical and theory based driving lessons and associated services.

The following terms and conditions form the basis of our relationship in outlining our responsibilities, and protections, for both monetary (my source of income and your personal and financial investment) and security (health & safety and general wellbeing) considerations.

Please note that any lesson provided is under acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

Please note that the terms "Students" and "Pupils" refer to the Learner Driver. "DVSA" refers to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

As a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor it is a legal requirement that I display a valid and current Licence in my vehicle at all times during paid lessons. My ADI Number will be provided when required for booking your driving test.

Terms & Conditions Minimum Requirements

  • You must be of legal age to drive and produce a valid UK/Northern Ireland provisional Category B driving licence. If an older paper licence is held, then you must also produce a valid passport as photographic identification.
  • For Pass Plus or Refresher lessons a full valid licence must be produced, with identification as above if required.
  • Non UK Citizens, in the absence of a UK Provisional, must produce either a valid EU or International driving licence.
  • Before your first lesson you should have provided a code in order that your licence can be checked online. Once you have generated a code please send it to me with your driving licence number. This code is case sensitive so please ensure you send it as presented.
  • You must meet the minimum eye test requirements, which means you must be able to read a standard UK approved number plate at a minimum distance of 20.5 metres (67 feet). If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to meet this requirement then you must wear them whenever you drive. Pupils who fail to meet this requirement on their first lesson, or who attend without required reading aids, will receive a theory based lesson only and will still be charged the full lesson cost.
  • You must notify me of any change of your ability or entitlement to have driving tuition, for example if your provisional licence has been revoked by a court, or for medical reasons. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are confirming that there are no legal or medical reasons debarring you from tuition.

Terms & Conditions Personal Data

  • I require certain personal data for my records. This data shall be kept in an online diary and lessons system. None of this data shall be passed on to any external businesses or individuals.
  • A downloadable app shall be available in order that you can monitor your payments, progress and lesson appointments.
  • Any personal data you provide will be held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • I will use your personal data only for the purpose(s) for which you have provided it, but it may also be used if required for crime prevention or to notify the NHS Contact Tracing service. Full details can be found at the NHS Inform Coronavirus (COVID-19): Contact tracing website.
  • If you provide information about another person, in doing so you confirm that they have given you permission to provide their personal data (including any sensitive personal data) and also that you have told them who I am and what I will use their data for, as set out in this notice. This applies particularly to parents who are booking for their children.

Terms & Conditions Bookings & Cancellations

  • So that I can offer you lessons at the best possible price, I would appreciate your assistance in keeping your appointments.

    A lesson will be considered as a FIRM booking if it is;

    • - recorded in my online diary AND
    • - within 48 hours, including weekends, of the due date and time

    Both of these conditions will be required to be met before the booking is considered as FIRM.

  • Once a lesson has become a FIRM booking you will have certain responsibilities regarding payment in the event of cancellation of that lesson.

    If you are able to do so, please give as much notice of cancellation as possible.

    If it is possible to reschedule that lesson within the same calendar week then this will be done with no additional cost.

  • Cancellation of a standard booking in excess of 48 hours notice will be charged at a reduced rate of:

    • - £10.00 for a 90 Minute Lesson or
    • - £15 for a 2 Hour Lesson or Test Session
  • Cancellation of a FIRM booking, received in excess of 24 hours notice but less than 48 hours, will still be charged but at a reduced rate of:

    • - £15.00 for a 90 Minute Lesson or
    • - £20 for a 2 Hour Lesson or Test Session
  • Cancellation of a FIRM booking, whether 90 Minute, 2 Hour or Test Session received less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, must be paid for in full.
  • All cancellation charges, if not already covered in a prepaid block booking, must be paid for on or before the next due lesson.
  • Students who repeatedly cancel will not be forward booked unless they pay in advance.
  • Lessons can be cancelled by telephone, email, Messenger or text message, or through the downloadable app but must be acknowledged by your instructor before acceptance is confirmed.
  • Special consideration will be given in exceptional circumstances.

Summary of Cancellation Rates
48 Hr +
24 - 48hr
Less than 24hr
90 £10 £15 100%
120 (or Test) £15 £20 100%

Terms & Conditions Cancellations Through COVID-19

  • Following the COVID-19 outbreak pupils will now be contacted prior to their lesson and asked to confirm that they, or anyone they have been in direct contact with, are not showing any signs of COVID-19 influenza or common cold symptoms.

    If symptoms are displayed or suspected then the lesson shall be cancelled immediately with no charge to the pupil.

    However, due to the seriousness of possible COVID-19 infection, another lesson will not be permitted until after 14 days from actual lesson cancellation.

Terms & Conditions Payment

  • Any money due must be paid before, or at the start of, the lesson or test on the day, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Preferred method of payment, especially following the COVID-19 outbreak, will be by bank transfer, or mobile banking, prior to or at the start of the lesson. I shall provide my bank details on request.
  • In the event of a cash payment (no cheques) please have the correct amount available for the lesson. Visits to banks / cash machines will be made during the lesson and not after. Acceptable coins are £1 or 50p. I will not accept anything smaller.
  • Any monies paid for advance Block Bookings will be entered into a dedicated account system.

    This money remains your property until such time as you have completed the agreed amount of lessons and I will draw from it each time you complete a lesson.

    On termination of the block booking, for whatever reason, an administration fee of 25% of the remaining balance will be charged.

    The net balance thereafter will then be refunded to you.

Terms & Conditions Health & Safety

  • Pupils should ensure that they are fit for their lesson.

    Any pupil thought to be unfit for their lesson, whether through the effects of drugs, alcohol or even just "sleeping in" will have their lesson cancelled immediately but will still be required to pay the full lesson fee.

  • In the interests of comfort and safety pupils are advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing which does not restrict movement or distract their attention.
  • You must not be under the influence of drugs/alcohol during the training. In the event of there being any signs of drugs/alcohol misuse, I will withhold the use of the training vehicle for use of tuition or driving test until you are in a legal and fit state to drive.
  • Any prescribed medication that may effect your driving should be declared to both myself and to the DVLA medical board.

Health & Safety COVID-19

  • Following the COVID-19 outbreak we must all be far more aware of our own personal health and hygiene at all times. Pupils will be required to ensure that they conform to any current basic advice regarding hand washing, wearing of face masks or gloves etc.
  • It is imperative that both myself and my pupil feel safe in their surroundings.

    To limit the exposure to any infection I shall only conduct lessons in an environment that I am certain is complying with current sterilisation advice. Therefore all lessons shall only be conducted in my car although pupils shall retain the right to take their Practical Driving Test in their own vehicle should they choose. In this situation an alternative supervising driver will be required to accompany the pupil to the test.

  • If you come to the lesson with clear symptoms the lesson will not go ahead. If you, or I, become unwell or start to cough continuously during the lesson, the lesson will be stopped. In either of these scenarios the normal government advice should be followed regarding self-isolation and testing and tracing.
  • Full details can be found at the NHS Inform Coronavirus (COVID-19): Contact tracing website.
  • It should need no reminding that your own health & safety is primarily your own responsibility. You should, where possible, provide your own PPE to ensure your own confidence and satisfaction in your equipment.

COVID-19 Wearing a face covering

  • You should bring and wear a face covering when you come for your lesson, unless you have a good reason not to.

    This includes if:

    • you have a physical or mental illness or impairment, or a disability that means you cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering
    • putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause you severe distress
    • you need to remove it during your lesson to avoid harm or injury or the risk of harm or injury to yourself or others
  • You will need to remove your face covering briefly on your first lesson so that I can check your ID.
  • If required, however, I shall provide certain items of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

    These will include:

    • Hand Sanitiser
    • Antibacterial Wipes or Spray
    • Disposable Bin Bags
    • Face masks (or Visors*)
    • Disposable Seat Covers
  • From 2 November 2020, instructors and pupils must wear face coverings during driving lessons and practice sessions.

    You can be fined £60 if you do not wear a face covering during a driving lesson in Scotland. This will be reduced to £30 if you pay within 28 days.

    You will also be required to wear one when on test.

  • It is essential that the PPE equipment you choose does not impede your ability to control the vehicle or communicate.

    * Official DVSA and government advice is that visors should not be worn as they increase the risk of injury in the event of an airbag being deployed. If one is worn it should be in addition to a face mask and not as an alternative. When attending for test examiners will not prevent you from wearing a visor but they will only conduct the test if you are also wearing a face mask, unless you are in an exemption group.

  • I shall also ensure that all hand contact points inside and outside of the training vehicle are thoroughly disinfected in between every lesson.
  • I may also make random temperature checks using a handheld thermometer.

COVID-19 Mobile Phones, Keys & Cash

  • As they have been found to be a major source of spreading infection I would advise pupils not to bring their mobile phones to the lesson.
  • If a mobile phone must be carried then it should be set to silent and concealed in a pocket or bag. House keys and coins/money should also be concealed in a pocket or bag for the same reason.
  • These conditions will be continually reviewed.
  • I reserve the right to refuse tuition to, or cancel a lesson for, anyone who I feel may be showing any symptoms of Covid-19, Flu or even common cold like symptoms. It is stressed that you, the pupil, have ultimate responsibility for your own health & safety.

Terms & Conditions DIA Code of Conduct

As a member of the Driving Instructor's Association I am a signatory to their Code of Conduct which states;

  • I will not mislead the public over services provided by my school. This applies in particular to instructors' qualifications and the likely cost of lessons which will be necessary to reach the standard required by the Driving Standards Agency's driving test.
  • I will ensure that clients are fully aware of the terms of business.
  • I will avoid improper language, suggestions or physical contact with clients.
  • I will take all reasonable care, using skill and diligence, in instructing clients in all relevant aspects of traffic and driver education.
  • I will not discuss with others matters that a pupil has disclosed during a lesson. This does not apply to business matters which concern a driving school or, where the lessons are being paid for by another person or company, information relevant to that person or company. In this case, while the third party has the right to this information, it will only be given with the client's knowledge.
  • I will maintain proper standards of personal hygiene and dress.
  • I will ensure that any vehicle driven or used for training is maintained in good mechanical order and condition; is properly insured and taxed and, where appropriate, certified as roadworthy; and that all reasonable care is taken to keep it clean and tidy.
  • I will ensure that tuition is carried out only within the terms of the law, with particular reference to driver licensing and provision of a professional service.
  • I will continue my professional development to the best of my ability.

Terms & Conditions Your Lessons

  • The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the people who will carry out your driving test, has recommended a comprehensive syllabus that new drivers should be taught in order to bring them up to the required standard. I will teach this syllabus in a way that will suit each student's ability.
  • I will not teach shortcuts or tricks just to enable a quick test pass. It is my professional responsibility to produce safe, competent drivers.
  • Lessons shall last for one hour or 90 minutes, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed, and will be on a one-to-one basis (no car-sharing) from a pre-agreed pickup point. If you want dropped off at a different destination please tell me at the beginning of the lesson so we can fit it in. However, be aware that I reserve the right to deduct any unreasonable travelling time required if the student changes their normal drop off and would result in my being late for my next lesson.
  • Until the student reaches a competency level to drive from home themselves it shall be necessary to drive to a training area suitable to their abilities. This shall be my responsibility and travel to and from the training area will be included in the lesson time.
  • The pupil accepts that it is in their own interests to be punctual for their lesson appointments. All such appointments should be recorded to ensure that mistakes are avoided. A downloadable app is offered to ensure minimal confusion or error.
  • Where the pupil fails to arrive punctually for a lesson I will attempt to contact you and then wait for a maximum of fifteen minutes before the lesson would be abandoned and the lesson fee forfeited or become due for payment. A reciprocal waiting time may become necessary if I am delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Any lesson time lost as a result of Instructor delay would be made up either at the end of the normal lesson time if possible or at a later date. If this time cannot be made up then an agreed lesson discount will be made. I will endeavour to contact the Pupil to alert them of any delay greater than five minutes to my arrival at the agreed meeting point.
  • My car is available for students to take the test provided they reach what I consider to be test standard. On the day of your test, I will call for you, give you a fifty minute (approx) lesson just prior to the test and then allow you to use my car to take the actual test. Once the test is over, I will return you to your home or another previously arranged address. The total cost of this exercise shall be the cost of two lessons. I reserve the right to add a surcharge for any test booked out of normal working hours.
  • As explained previously, should the student choose to use their own car for the driving test then an alternative supervising driver should be sought. There will, of course, be no charge in this situation.
  • Should you fail to reach a satisfactory standard of driving and are likely to be a danger to other road users, or are in an unfit condition through substance or alcohol abuse as described above, I have a responsibility to the DVSA examiners not to allow the use of the training vehicle for the purpose of the driving test. This is in the interest of the pupil, the examiner and other road users and is a precautionary safety measure. DVSA guidelines do not allow for a pupil to take a practical test just for the experience.
  • No responsibility can be taken for tests cancelled by the DVSA for whatever reason. Lessons will have to be paid for but can be claimed back in certain circumstances from the DVSA. I shall be responsible if the test is cancelled due to the condition, or failure, of the tuition vehicle or if I have to cancel within the DVSA's minimum cancellation period.
  • On joint agreement of booking a test I shall provide my ADI Number and it shall then be the pupil's responsibility to ensure that, once they have booked the test, they inform me of the date and time of their test at the earliest opportunity. It shall then become my responsibility to enter it into the diary system.
  • Once a test is booked, and logged in the diary, it then becomes the priority session over any regular lesson times. Pupils agree that their lesson times may be cancelled at short notice under these circumstances. Be aware that any test booked out of normal working hours, such as early morning or weekends, will be liable to an additional surcharge.

Terms & Conditions General

  • Please make sure all your personal possessions are removed from the car at the end of the lesson. Anything left behind will be returned to you as soon as is practicable but no responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage to same.
  • Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty goods or services provided. All driving instructors have a statutory obligation to provide you with goods and services fit for the purpose for which they were bought and as described. If you have any doubts about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards Department or Citizen's Advice Bureau.