Manoeuvres Turn In The Road


This manoeuvre is no longer carried out on the Driving Test. Nevertheless, you will find that this is something that you will be required to often use as a driver.

Often called the 3 Point Turn, this manoeuvre simply requires you to turn your car around in the road, so that it faces the opposite direction, using forward and reverse gears. This will take at least three moves but you do not have to do it in this.

Stage One Pulling Forward

You should find a suitable place and pull up at the side of the road.

You should take good observations all around to ensure that the road is suitably clear in all directions.

Drive forward slowly in first gear turning the steering wheel as far to the right as possible, as quickly as possible.

Just before you reach the opposite kerb turn slightly to the left.

Apply your handbrake to secure the car.

Turn In The Road

Stage Two Reversing

Select reverse and check all around again before reversing slowly back, turning your steering wheel as far to the left as possible as quickly as possible.

For the first two-thirds of the move you should be looking over your left shoulder and out the back and side windows.

As you approach the kerb you should then look over your right shoulder out the window to the kerb, turning your steering wheel slightly to the right.

Apply the handbrake.

Turn In The Road

Stage Three Driving Off

Select first gear again and check all around before driving slowly forward, turning your steering wheel as much to the right as is required to bring you neatly into the left side of the road without touching the kerb.

Remember that the road camber will affect how you control the car.

You should control your car smoothly, making proper use of the accelerator, clutch, brakes and steering.

Show awareness of other road users- all round observation is essential throughout the manoeuvre.

Try to avoid steering while the car is stationary (dry steering). You will not fail your test for this, in any of the manoeuvres, but it is not a good driving practice.

You should not mount the kerb (try not to even touch it). You should not be inconsiderate or cause danger to other road users You should not take more than a reasonable time to carry out the manoeuvre, causing an obstruction for other road users.

Turn In The Road