Manoeuvres Reverse Around A Corner


The Reverse Around A Corner manoeuvre is no longer carried out on the Driving Test.

This manoeuvre requires that you can safely reverse your vehicle from a main road into a minor road.

The road described here is to your left. This is a manoeuvre that you would use to turn around to go back down the main road the way you came.

It should be noted that this is a turning, and not a parking, exercise. Therefore you should maintain a position of about one foot from the kerb, although sharper corners may require a little further

Reverse Around A Corner

Stage One Setting Up

You should pull slowly forward to pass the junction using the MSM routine.

If you require a signal do not indicate too early- you are pulling up after the side road, not turning into it.

Assess both the side road and corner for suitability before stopping your vehicle about two vehicle lengths past the road and about a foot from the kerb. Apply the handbrake and select reverse immediately- your reversing lights will indicate to vehicles approaching from behind that you intend to reverse

Reverse Around A Corner


Stage Two Reverse To Point-Of-Turn

Turn slightly in your seat for better control and visibility to the rear before taking good, all-round observation.

When safe you can reverse back to your point-of-turn. What you are looking for is for the rear, nearside wheel to be positioned level with the edge of the kerb in the side road.

This kerb will disappear form view in the back window and reappear in the side window.

Back View

A typical reference for this is when the straight edge of the side road kerb visually continues level with, or just behind the back seat.

At this point you should pause to take further observations- the front of your vehicle will swing out as you turn so you need to know that it is safe to proceed.

Reverse Around A Corner

Stage Three Reversing

When safe, start to turn as the rear wheels reach the beginning of the corner.

The amount of steering required will depend on the sharpness of the corner- a very general reference is that a sweeping corner usually requires one turn of the wheel while a sharp corner will probably require the full lock.

As the car progresses around the corner take repeated observations all around, as well as using the nearside wing mirror.

The kerb in the side road will disappear from the side window behind the corner post of the car and reappear in the rear window.

Reverse Around A Corner

Stage Four Finishing Off

Continue slowly around until the nearside of your car is parallel with the kerb, you can see this in your side mirror.

As it comes parallel you can straighten your wheels and follow the road in for about three or four car lengths. This allows you to get clear of the junction. Stop, apply your handbrake and select neutral.

You should be able to reverse your car smoothly, correctly, safely and under full control at all times.

You should keep reasonably close to the kerb at all times without striking or mounting it. You should use good, effective all-round observation.

You should not mount the kerb or swing out wide.

You should not be inconsiderate to other road users or take more than a reasonable time to complete the exercise.

Try not to steer while the car is stationary (dry steering), you will not fail your test for this, in any of the manoeuvres, but it is not good driving practice.