Traffic Lights

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Traffic Lights have three lights which change in a set cycle:


  • Stop and wait at the stop line.

Red and Amber together-

  • Stop and wait.
  • You can get ready to go but you must wait for the green light.


  • Go if the way is clear.


  • Stop, unless:
    • You have already crossed the stop line
    • You are so close to it that pulling up might cause an accident


  • Stop and wait at the stop line.

Approaching Green Traffic Lights

Approach Traffic Lights as you would any other hazard or junction. Keep your speed down and do not speed up to "beat the lights". Be ready to stop, especially if the lights have been on green for some time.

Green Filter Arrows

A green filter arrow in a traffic light means you can filter in the direction the arrow is pointing, even if the main light is not showing green. Don't enter this lane unless you want to go in the direction shown by the arrow. When turning left or right at traffic lights take special care, and give way to pedestrians already crossing.

MSPSGL Routine

Use the MSPSGL routine as you approach the lights. Pay attention to lane markings and get into the correct lane in good time. Be prepared to stop. If you are in the wrong lane you should continue in this lane and correct your route when it is safe to do so.

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